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Sweater from Isabel Marant pour H&M // skirt from Zara // sunglasses HERE // rings HERE (affiliatelink) // boots from H&M // Miu Miu bag

Såhär har jag sett ut idag! Plus kappa såklart. Har precis landat hemma och ska ta en dusch nu och sedan äta lasagne. Aleks gjorde två stora former med lasagne igår så vi har middag i en hel vecka typ, haha. :-) Sedan ska vi börja kolla på Sagan om Ringen-filmerna igen! Blev sugen efter att vi såg sista Hobbit på bio häromdagen. Och nu är vi färdiga med alla HP-filmer (*gråter*) så nu får det väl gå ett par år till innan jag kan kolla på dem igen…

Hej Outfit 2015-kategorin btw! Om ni undrar var Outfit 2007, 2008 & 2009 tagit vägen så raderade jag dem. Haha. Inläggen finns såklart kvar i arkivet men ej i egna kategorier. De var för hemska. ;-)

// This is what I looked like today! Plus a coat ofc. I just got at home and now I’m gonna take a shower and then eat lasagna. Aleks did two big lasagna’s yesterday so we’ve got dinner for like a week haha. :-) Then we’re gonna start watching the Lord of the Rings all over again! After watching the last Hobbit movie a couple of days ago I felt like seeing them again. And now we’re done with all the HP movies (*crying*) so I’ll guess I have to wait a couple of years before I can see them again..

Hey Outfit 2015 category btw! If you wonder where Outfit 2007, 2008 & 2009 are I deleted them. Haha. The posts are still in the archive ofc but not in their own categories. They were too horrible. ;-)



I like the outfit, but you always look the same, I mean same skirt, shoes and bag, it kinds of look boring even though it is a great outfit !


what about PPL the 5th season? have you seen it?? i am currently at it…i can only recommend to watch it!!!!


I loooove these photos with that cool location,you look so beautiful (as always). Hey, why did you deleted the old photos? :( Haha I don’t think you ever had horrible photos but well, when they are in the archives everything is okay :P But PLEASE do not delete the photos from 2011, those are my favourites :D

Greetings from Germany
http://ola28.blogspot.de/ :)

Kamara H

Love the boots & bag! Haha, I did the same thing with Lord of the Rings. We still have the last one to rewatch. And I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the final HP movie…because then I’ll have to accept that they’re really over for me! :S


Haha visst blir man sugen?! Jag och typ alla mina vänner gjorde samma sak efter Hobbit-filmen! Ge oss LOTR utan animeringar, med äkta smink och Aragon, haha! :)


Åh, någon som vet vart detta är fotograferat någonstans?
Omgivningen skulle passa min vän som är fotograf perfekt!


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