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Top here // Levi’s shorts // bracelet from NLY Accessories // Nike Air Max 90’s // Céline bag

Det har gått 24 timmar sedan vi sa hejdå till vår vackra strandvilla i Kapstaden och hoppade in i Nelly-bilen för att åka in till flygplatsen. NU kom jag precis innanför dörren hemma och jag har nog aldrig varit så glad över att vara hemma trots kyla och snö. :-) Kommer dock sakna Kapstaden som fan! Har haft en himla rolig vecka med alla bloggtjejer + Nelly.

Nu ska jag packa upp, ta en välbehövlig dusch och vänta på att Aleks (och Mani) ska komma hem från jobbet. Åh vad jag har saknat dem. Nu ska jag stanna hemma ett bra tag haha. ♥

// It’s been 24 hours since we said goodbye to our beautiful beach house in Cape Town and got into the Nelly car to drive to the airport. NOW I just got home and I’ve never been so happy to be home even though it’s cold and snow outside. :-) But I will miss Cape Town a lot! I’ve had an amazing week with all the blog girls + Nelly. Now I’m gonna unpack my bags, take a shower and wait for Aleks (and Mani) to get home from work. Oh I’ve missed them so much. Now I’m gonna stay here in Stockholm for a while haha. ♥

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I have to say it – I’m addicted to you Kenza :D my boyfriend laughs at me cause your page is on his ‘the most visited pages’ on his computer :D kisses from Poland :-)


Such a nice outfit!! What model Levi’s are you wearing?! I adore them!!


looks amazing being able to waltz around in shorts and a singlet, really longing for summer now. Just have to ask though, what kind of bra (if any?) do you wear under that top? Its awesome but wouldnt look half as good with bra straps peeking out on the shoulders… ;)


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