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Trench coat from IvyRevel (I’m wearing size S/36) // earrings, shoes, top and shorts from Zara // Céline bag // sunglasses from Asos

Är kär i vår nya trench! Älskar färgen och slitsarna på sidorna. När det blir lite kallare kommer jag bära den med skinnbyxor och spetsiga boots. Eller med ett par slitna loose fit-jeans och sneakers. :-)

// I’m in love with our new trench! I love the color and the splits on the side. I’ll wear it with leather pants and pointy boots when it gets a little bit colder. Or with a pair of loose fit jeans and sneakers. :-)



This one is absolutely amazing!:)
Love the colour and the fact that it is not like the most trench coats (with the buttons and a collar)
Keep up the good work:)


Love your trench!! But ivy rivel is not available in french. :( :( It is for soon?


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