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This morning at our villa! Old shorts from Zara.

Seriöst, hur fin är inte vår villa?! Jag har tagit bilder inne också så det ska ni få se senare. På fjärde bilden ser ni att det finns bord och stolar över poolen, de sa att vi kunde be om att få vår frukost där så det måste vi göra någon morgon. Så himla mysigt! :-)

Kom precis tillbaka hit från middagen och det vrääääääker ner ute. Vi har haft tur med vädret hittills (och då är det ändå regnperiod på Mauritius nu) men nu regnar det som fan. Hoppas det blåser över till imorgon!

Nu ska vi krypa ner i sängen och titta på film. ♥

// Seriously, how amazing is our villa?! I took photos inside too so I will show you later. In the fourth photo you can see table and chairs above the pool, they said that we can have our breakfast there so we have to do that one morning! So cozy! :-)

We just got back from the dinner and the rain is pouring down. We’ve been lucky with the weather so far (even though it’s rain season on Mauritius now) but now it’s raining like hell. I hope it will go away until tomorrow!

Now we’re gonna watch a movie in bed. ♥



Du är alltid så otroligt fint sminkad, kan du inte ge lite tips på hur du sminkar dig eller vilka produkter du använder? :)


I really need those sunglasses and those vacation and the Villa!! Love those photos! And I think there is no better thing than laying in the warm cozy bed and it’s raining as hell outside! Sooo cozy!
Hope you’ll have some nice vacations! :)


This place looks so beautiful and I can’t wait for the pictures you took inside.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s gonna stop raining.
But watching a movie in bed isn’t too bad when you’re in paradise :-)
Hope you had a cozy evening!



Kena! this view is amazing! i literally love your pictures, could you tell me what camera do u use?


I so love your pictures and how simply you write your blog text its so interesting! And keep coming with these beautiful pictures! I hope one day, I’ll be able to travel and take many picture!

Jade Mercedes Fraser

It looks stunning! I love that little pool table, so cute! I’m glad you’re still managing to enjoy yourself despite being ill! Mauritius is definitely on my bucket list of places to go… I love that you post your holiday pictures while you’re still there and I went to Valencia in NOVEMBER and only posted did the blog post yesterday haha. I never had good WIFI though! Actually that’s a lie, we stayed in an Air BnB apartment this time and the wifi was fantastic butttt that’s usually my excuse… haha. I will get better at posting travel pictures this year. Hoping to get to Paris in April again for my birthday! Anyway, glad you’re having fun! Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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Hej! Hur långa ben har du? Haha konstig fråga men fan dom är fina haha. ??


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