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Wearing top from Ginatricot, old shorts from H&M, sandals from Asos, bag from Spell, sunglasses from Glitter, necklace from Jane Koenig

Det var bara 1,5 vecka sedan vi lämnade värmen i Mauritius, men ändå kändes det så himla bra att känna solens varma strålar igen. Är så glad över att vara tillbaka här i Kapstaden!! Det här är min tredje gång här och jag älskar detta ställe.

Vi tog en middagspaus nere i Camps Bay (vi bor här men högt uppe i bergen) och fotade även dagens på stranden. Ni kanske ser en av mina nya tatueringar? En liten måne! Ni ska få se bättre bild på alla sen. :-) Nu håller vi på att gå igenom alla looks, sätter location och tid för allt och gör scheman. Hoppas vi blir klara snart för imorgon ringer klockan 6.30.

Godnatt kära ni!

// It was only 1,5 week ago since we left the heat in Mauritius, but it still felt so damn good to feel the warm sun again. I’m so happy to be back here in Cape Town!! This is my third time here and I love this place.

We had a dinner break in Camps Bay (we live here, but up high in the mountain) and also shot today’s look at the beach. Maybe you can spot one of my new tattoos? A little moon! I’ll show you better photos of them all later. :-) We’re going through all the looks now, deciding location and time for everything and making schedules. I hope we will be done soon because we’re going up at 6.30 tomorrow.

Goodnight babes!


Sofie bokwall

Jag var i camps bay för ungefär två år sedan och det var jätte fint, vi bodde också i bergen. Vilket hotell bor ni på?❤️


Found it and love it!!! I am already so curious to see more photos of your tattoos!!! :)
And I loove the photos! Your hair looks so great! Hope you’ll definitely have a great time in south africa! <3
Puss :)

Prettiful Blog

Welcome to South Africa! You should come to Joburg some time, there isn’t a beach, but there are plenty of pretty places. While you are in Camps Bay, check out Sinful Icecream, it is possibly the best ice cream ever!


I’ve never been more in love with your hair than in the first picture…don’t know why tho, but it looks so natural!
I’m so excited to see what you girls are gonna shoot down there!
Enjoy it, babe!


Loove that your showing us something else than your Chanels! Believe me, they are way to fine, but it is always good to see something “new” if you know what I mean! You have a really good taste when it comes to bags, and Chanel is way to expensive to probably 90% of those who are reading your blog. When I see something else that you are wearing, I want it and I love it.

You look georg anyways, and I adore you and love your blog!



I had to comment this outfit ’cause it’s so on point! i love everything! You’re gorgeous! I hope you have a lot of fun there!


Snälla Kenza, jag har kollat på asos sedan denna bilen lades upp och kan inte hitta sandalerna? Släpps de senare tro? Jag vill så gärna hitta dem, har länge letat efter ett par bruna sandaler. Hoppas på svar, tack


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