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Breakfast at the Butcher’s Daughter. Get my playsuit here (adlink)

God morgon! Vi har precis vaknat (inlägget innan tidsinställde jag inatt så att ni skulle ha ett morgoninlägg) och ska snart packa ihop våra grejer och checka ut. Vi får se var vi äter frukost idag hehe, det här åt vi iallafall igår! Dock måste jag säga att dessa avokadotoasts inte var i närheten så goda som de på Two Hands. Av alla ställen vi testat är nog Two Hands och Jack’s Wife Freda i toppen! Vill äta där igennnn.

Vi hörs lite senare innan vi drar till flygplatsen!

// Good morning! We just woke up (I scheduled the previous post last night so that you would have a morning post) and we’re gonna pack up our stuff soon and check out. We’ll see where we’re having breakfast today hehe, this is what we ate yesterday! I have to say that these avo toasts was not as good at the ones at Two Hands though. Of all the places we’ve been to I have to say that Two Hands and Jack’s Wife Freda are the best ones! I want to eat there againnnnn.

I’ll update again before we go to the airport!



It’s funny that The Butcher’s Daughter has gotten such a hype, because every time I go there I am a little disappointed. Two Hands on Church St. is definitely my no. 1 favorite!! :)

Lovisa T

Åh jag som tyckte så mycket om The Butcher’s Daughter, men då lär jag väl tycka ännu bättre om Two Hands ;) Får ta mig en sväng dit på nästa NYC-trip!

Sunny D

What an amazing breakfast! Full of vitamins and nutrients to get you off to the best start to the day! I know it’s very cliché when people say that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but it’s so true! Fruit based on berries are full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C – they’re almost a superfood in some ways.

On a seperate note, your Chanel bag is great! Such a great choice of outfit too Kenza! I hope you have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend!

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