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Brands & Adlinks: Ivyrevel belt here and necklace here // bag from Chanel// Asos playsuit here // Adidas shoes here // watch from Larsson & Jennings // sunglasses from Prada

Några av er undrade om den här playsuiten jag bar förra veckan, här har ni den! Den verkar dock vara slut i många storlekar… Gillar den som fan iallafall, kommer sakna alla söta playsuits man bara kan slänga på sig under sommaren. Men är fett peppad på höstmode med!

Har ni haft en bra dag? Min har varit rätt så bra faktiskt. Kom precis hem från jobbet, ska ta ett varmt bad nu och sedan värma lite rester. Aleks är i Amsterdam på jobb så jag är ensam hemma, eller ja ensam är jag ju aldrig.. Mani ligger bredvid. :-) Tänkte käka mat och plöja igenom en massa Gossip Girl-avsnitt! Började kolla om serien för ett tag sedan och är nu på säsong 5. Är lika kär i Chuck och Blair denna gång som jag var när serien gick på tv. DRÖMMER till och med om Chuck haha.

// Some of you asked about this playsuit I wore last week, here it is! Seems like it’s sold out in many sizes though… Anyway, I like it alot, I’m gonna miss all these pretty playsuits I wore during summer. But I’m really excited about fall fashion too!

Did you have a good day? Mine was actually pretty good. I just got home from work, I’m gonna take a hot bath now and then heat up some leftovers. Aleks is in Amsterdam for a meeting so I’m home alone, or I’m never really alone.. Mani is next to me. :-) I’m gonna eat food and watch some Gossip Girl episodes! I started watching the series all over again a while ago and now I’m on season 5. I’m so in love with Chuck and Blair, just like last time I watched the show a couple of years ago. I even DREAM about Chuck haha.



Oh god i need to restart gossip girl as well. it think it is 3 or 4 years ago since i watched it the last time. i was SO in love with chuck and blair and i also dreamed about him back then hahaha ahh chuck <3 but i also kinda was in love with nate…he was the cutie and chuck the man everyone wants :))
btw have you ever watched suits or house of cards? i love suits so much and i consider now starting with house of cards. i heard from so many ppl that it is good but i dont know… :)


If you love Chuck (and Ed) you have to watch “Chalet girl” with him! It was a pretty good movie and ‘Chuck’ was charming :) Anyway you look stunning, as always!


Åh började också se om Gossip Girl! Är på säsong 6 avsnitt 5 nu…! :)


I just finished rewatching the entire series too. Obsessed with Ed Westwick or Chuck….he did a series last year called Wicked City, I liked it but it got taken off air for bad ratings. Check it out though. Warning: it’s a bit violent.


OMG! I’m glad to not be the only one who dreams about things I’m watching or reading :D


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