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Finally a video to this awesome song!! <3

God morgon hjärtan! Hoppas ni sovit gott. Jag har precis ätit frukost och sminkat mig och nu inväntar jag Stella som ska komma över, vi ska filma nästa video till min Youtube-kanal! Försöker se till att varannan video är en vlogg (där ni får hänga med mig under en dag eller under en resa t.ex.) och att varannan är en typ av video som ni önskat. Nu på söndag kommer Paris-vloggen upp och nästa veckas video handlar om…..väskor! :-))

Nu ska jag skruva upp låten ovan på högsta volym och hitta något att ha på mig. Ska någon av er på Bruno Mars konsert i maj? Jag ska!! Med Mika som är lika stort megafan som jag (förstår inte hur vi kunde leka coola den kvällen vi hängde med honom i Köpenhamn, vet inte hur jag hade reagerat nu haha). Så jääääkla peppad!!! Senaste skivan är så sinnesjukt bra!

// Good morning sweeties! Hope you slept well. I just had breakfast and got my makeup done and now I’m waiting for Stella, we’re gonna shoot the next video for my Youtube channel! I try to make sure that every other video is a vlog (where you get to follow me around during a day or during a trip for example) and that every other video is a video that you guys have requested. So on Sunday I will post my Paris vlog and next week’s video will be about…..bags! :-))

Now I’m gonna put this song on highest volume and find something to wear. Is anyone of you going to Bruno Mars concert this spring? I am!! With Mika who is a huge fan just like me (I don’t understand how we could play it cool that night in Copenhagen when we hung out with him, I don’t know how I would have reacted now haha). I’m sooooo damn excited!!!! The latest album is so incredibly good!



Du måste berätta om den gången du såg ett spöke! På Youtube eller här i bloggen, blev så olidligt nyfiken när du nämnde det i någon video!! Älskar sånt! :)

Claudia Adam

Jag ska dit med min syster! :) Såå taggad, vi kommer sitta på sektion B8. Vilken sektion ska ni sitta på? Skulle vara megakul o träffa er där :)


I am surprised you didnt talk about the ed sheeran album yet? :) I thought you like him/his music (almost) as much as bruno? do you like his album? if so which songs are your favs? besides shape of you i really like dive and new man :)

Kenza Z

Kenzas answer: Dive is my favorite too! Still trying to get to know the new songs, listening every day haha. :-) xx


I absolutely feel you! Bruno is the best and seeing him live is even better. He and the Hooligans are so funny together. It’s like boys are on a school trip haha. I’m gonna see him in Cologne which I am super excited about. I’m also excited for your Paris vlog because I just love this city and I’m sure you had lots of fun and I can’t wait to watch it :-) Love from Germany xx Alissa


Hiya Kenza!

I ordered an item from your website “IvyRevel”

I ordered it the first time the 21 of February and today it is the 9th of March and I still haven’t received it. I have been emailing your customer service team multiple times and asked what is going on and telling them I just really want my item to arrive.
I have not got the best responses back, it is such a shame when you meet bad customer service.

Otherwise I have to say that your website it beautiful and your clothing is amazing, I really love it, be proud of it! I hope you have a lovely day.



Are you friends with Mika the singer? From “Relax, Take It Easy” etc? Omg, that’s so cool haha!


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