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Jacket from Acne Studios // top from Adidas // jeans from H&M

Idag har jag spelat in veckans video till min Youtube-kanal, därav lite sen uppdatering idag. Det var iallafall så jävla kul haha, skrattade SÅ mycket! Ni får se på söndag.. :-) Bröt dock av två naglar (när gelén drar med sig en del av ens egna nagel, aaaooochhhh) så ska till Malika efter jobbet och få nya fräscha naglar. Kör nog på någon vårig färg!

Nu måste jag fortsätta jobba, och tvätta mina skor… Kolla på min Insta-story haha.

// Today I’ve been recording this week’s video for my Youtube channel, that’s why I’m a bit late with the update today. Anyway it was so much fun haha, I laughed SO much! You’ll see on Sunday.. :-) I broke two nails though (when the gel gets a bit of your own nail too, aaaooochhh) so I’m gonna go to Malika’s after work to get new fresh nails. I think I’ll go for some nice spring color!

Have to get back to work now, and wash my shoes… Check my Insta story haha.



Can you do a tutorial about your nails? They look so natural. And for the colour: maybe pastel blue/purple?


Hej Kenza,

I love you, your blog, your style and your clothes – but I would like to know what do you think about sustainable consumption? You get a lot of things for free as a gift and also shop a lot so when shopping do you think about sustainability or the environment or the circumstances where the clothes are manufactured? If you do, you could have an effect on many people’s preferences, shopping habits and raise awareness on these issues! You could make a big difference!

I study business in university and today we watched a documentary (BBC – “dying for a bargain) of manufactures where the clothes that for example H&M, GAP etc. sell are made in.. It was horrible! People work over 20 hours per day in shitty conditions and get 1 to 4 pounds a day. They are locked in the factory and there’ve been many accidents where the factory has burnt and all workers dead. I am going to boycott H&M and others that sell cheap clothes made in Bangladesh etc. I would like to hear your thoughts or at least that you are aware of these issues.

Hälsningar <3


Uhh, I know what is a pain with custom nails… I have this same t-shirt today :) So, I am waiting for your video on youtube. xoxo


Altså dessa HM jeans du har på var och varannan bild.jag tror jag är kär i dom lika mycket som du?? vad heter modellen??


En blogg om övergrepp, PTSD, självskadebeteende och så vägen tillbaka till livet.

Du är inte ensam



Det vore en dröm för mig och du ville kolla på min blogg, den handlar dels om min resa bort från den hemska sjukdomen anorexia, men också om livet efter sjukdomen. För tro det eller ej, men jag är nästan helt frisk! :D <3


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