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Dress and boots from Zara // old belt from Asos // hat here (adlink) // sweater here (adlink) // bag from Chanel

Gårdagens look! Hann ej posta detta igårkväll innan Klara kom över. Gillar iaf dessa boots som tusan, perfekt vardagsklack på! Idag regnar det i Stockholm och jag gömmer mig under en trenchcoat och paraply. Sitter på kontoret och jobbar, om någon timme kommer Madde över för lunch och lite planering inför en plåtning vi ska göra snart. Madde har ju varit borta ett tag och det är så kul att börja jobba lite med henne igen! :-)

Förutom jobb så ska jag köra ett hårt träningspass ikväll. Så pepp på det!!

// Yesterday’s look! I didn’t get the chance to post this last night before Klara came over. Anyway I really like these boots, the heel height is perfect! It’s raining in Stockholm today and I’m hiding under a trenchcoat and an umbrella. I’m at the office working now, and in about an hour Madde is coming over for lunch and some planning for a photoshoot we’re having soon. As you know Madde has been away for a while and it’s so much fun to start working a little with her again! :-)

Except for work, I’m gonna do a tough workout tonight. I’m so excited about that!!



Hejsan kan inte du lägga upp tippa på höst boots? Helg utan klack som man kan ha till vardags :)


I’m probably so annoying, because I am constantly commenting here, but I just can’t be thankful enough. I feel really inspired to do things in my own way. Like, I always thought that cute kinda summery dress would look amazing with sweater on, but my friends always laughed at this ”stupid” idea. And looking at this look just proves how you can’t let other people change your idea, mind even if this about your outfit.
Thank you Kenza, for inspiration, the motivation that shines threw your hard work and the love that you have for life that you share on this internet page. Thank you and best wishes! <333


Do you have the exact same? It looks so different on the asos website as in het pic…… Love to hear from you


Kenza, you look absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been following you for years, however, this is my first comment ever. You are definitely my biggest style inspiration!
Lots of love from Denmark


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