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Jacket and sweater from H&M // jeans from Asos // old boots from Zara // bag from Givenchy

God morgon! Vaknade innan alarmet gick på (är alltid så rädd att försova mig när jag vet att andra väntar på mig så vaknar alltid för tidigt haha) så gick upp och passar på att blogga innan taxin kommer. Idag plåtar jag som sagt med Nelly hela dagen! Ni får hänga med via insta story. :-) Här har ni förresten jackan jag köpte i London. Fin va? Såhär bar jag den igår men nästa gång blir det med svarta tights och vita sneakers.

Nej hörrni nu måste jag iväg. Puss, ha en fin torsdag!

// Good morning! I woke up before the alarm (I’m always scared to sleep late when I know that other people are waiting for me so I always wake up too early haha) so I got up and thought I could make a post before the taxi comes. Like I said I’m shooting for Nelly all day today! You can join me on my insta story. :-) Btw here’s the jacket I bought in London. Nice huh? This is how I wore it yesterday but next time it will be with black tights and white sneakers.

Ok got to go now. Have a lovely Thursday! xx



Hej! Vad kul med lite outfit bilder som inte bara innehåller massa plagg från ivyrevel. Har börjat bli lite tröttsamt att bara se sådana outfits. Men denna var jättefin! Kram


I love it! As always :) There is not single outfit I’d not like. This jacket is amazing and you look stunning. It’s definetely your color :) Kenza can you link these jeans? I’ve never bought jeans on Asos, I’m afraid that I can choose wrong size can you tell me what size do you have on Asos and Zara or H&M? That would be helpful I could compare it. Thanks! :)


SKORNA! *hjärtögon* Varje gång du bär dom blir jag nästan osunt avundsjuk och önskar alltid att jag ska hitta liknande. Så. Himla. Snygga. <3

Karin K

Hej Kenza!! Jättefin är du som vanligt! Jackan är underbar! Vilken storlek har du på den???


Hej Kenza! I am one girl from Italy, I am a swedish language student, on my second year, and I’m going for one semester in Sweden in Uppsala in 2018, and I love love love your blog since many years back! You are just amazing in every sense and I read your blog every day! My morning routine, Kenza’s blog + coffee! :)

Anyhow, I have no one to ask since I don’t know any Swedes yet, so I’m just going to try to get an answer here. Since I’m learning swedish daily (men det gar snabbare att skriva pa engleska) I’m also reading lots of blogs, and newspapers and I came across one term/begreppet I really don’t understand. :( Begreppet fåfänga.

Can someone please explain to me what does word “fafanga” in swedish mean? Who made the definition? :) (philosophical question, but WHO did make a definiton, cause I don’t get it and I don’t agree with the author :)
Anyway in Central Europe and in Italy https://blogg.in-italia.se/faa… it’s normal for women and man to want to look good, beautiful, or XXL beautiful – however someone wants! I mean it’s not that you can’t be extra beautiful, educated and a great person! So why is “a wish to be beautiful” called fafanga in Sweden? It kinda sounds like it’s a bad thing? How is it a bad thing? From which moral perspective? I mean, people can’t scientifically prove “wrong” and “right” especially regarding someting like beauty that is only benefitial to individual and everyone wants it (both men and women) and it doesn’t harm anyone!
Beauty is linked to self confidence and general well being, so can someone please give me a definition of fåfänga and explain why is it bad?

Here in Italy we call it “unniversal human wish to look beautiful”. Also evolutionary psychologists also say that wanting to be beautiful is not vanity. (fafanga in english is vanity) http://inspiyr.com/4-reasons-i

As far as I know it was only a sin in Bible :D Where God forbids people to put any effort in a body, only in soul :D But I’m an atheist and Sweden is a secular country, why then not reject Bible morals and definitions? We’re not only souls while living on Earth… we are humans with very complicated psychological functioning and we identify/experience ourselves with our bodies also.

I would be so happy to get an answer! I am going to study next semster of 2018 in Sweden, and will people like look down on me for wearing make-up and heels? :D Learning about culture in progress. :)


Hur gör du när du tar dig till olika platser? Åker du kommunala färdmedel eller taxi?


Kenza, can you please please answer me. :( With a short answer. Om fafanga fragan. I would be sooo greatful!


As always stunning? Love this outfit! Kenza what size of H&M jacket do you have? 36? :)


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