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* this post contains adlinks for ivyrevel.com and nelly.com

Pants from Ivyrevel here and earrings here // cap från Nelly here // old top // Adidas shoes

Igårkväll drog vi till West Hollywood för en snabbmiddag på Gracias Madre (vi var båda för trötta egentligen men äta måste man ju göra!) och då såg jag ut såhär. Älskar dessa byxor! Bär dock produktionsprov som är några cm längre än de vi säljer, men jag gillar när vida byxor är så långa att man typ trampar på dem hehe. :-)

Nu – lite poolhäng! LA bjuder på 33 grader idag. Man tackar!

// Last night we went to West Hollywood for a quick dinner at Gracias Madre (we were both too tired though but you have to eat!) and I was dressed like this. I love these pants! I’m wearing a sample though which are a few cm longer than the ones we sell, but I love it when wide pants are so long that you kinda step on them hehe. :-)

Now  – some relaxing by the pool! LA is giving us 33 degrees today. Well thank you!



Alltså VAD har du under ett sånt linne? Mina nipples syns tydligt igenom (och de är ju inte alltid styva direkt) och har jag nipple covers syns ju dem istället och ser ut som vårtgårdar lol


I’ve been eyeing the red version of those pants ever since they got released, but I’m scared they’ll be too long for me :( I’m 168cm. Those yellow shoes you posted on insta today look goooooorgeous though!! And the yellow/white striped top does as well, though I think the cleavage might be a bit much for me haha. The pj’s the hotel gave you looked so cute as well.


Hope you will also post the other outfit you published on instagram with the yellow details. its sooooo pretty.
and i wondered one thing :) why do you choose to take outfit pics with such a wide angle lens? i think a 35mm one would be so much better to show the outfit because here you are so far away and little and you can really see it too good. just wondering. :)


The more i learn about you and see your actions throughout the recent months the more i think that you are the fakest bitch out there. i always thought you are relateable and honest. but now you acted like you are really down and too sad to update the blog for the past 3 months (or even longer it started before your fathers dead) and now suddenly you can make silly faces in la and be happy and have the most energy and act like nothing happened at all. i think you just found an excuse to not update or work in general because you are lazy and you dont feel like blogging anymore. but you dont want to admit it or give it up totally because then ofc great things like invitions to luxury hotels, coachella invitations etc would drop. and why is it as soon as you go to la you always appear even more superficial than ever before. all these preperations before as if you would go to the oscars with facials, hair extensions etc extra many workouts to show off your super skinny body that appears even more skinyn thanks to your super wide angle shots and studied poses. you have a fat sister and say you dont care about body image but sure make sure you are a skinny bitch with hard workouts and keep up with the fake world of instagram and now you do the most pathetic ever that only some attention whores did before. posting a pic on your story when you posted in on your feed because you dont get enough likes. maybe consider not posting shit on 12am..some ppl have to actually go to work and get up early therefore dont stay up this late…even if your lazy ass cant imagine it..some cant sleep in every day


Omg this can be the worst thing I have ever read?? Get a fkn life and stop commenting horrible stuff on internet


JJ regardless how you feel about Kenza (or anybody else who walks this planet) you are, perhaps unknowingly, putting yourself in a really righteous position here by posting this comment. For the entirety it took you to post this comment, not to mention the time you have spent analyzing Kenza’s day to day/blog/photos/etc etc you have put YOURSELF and YOUR OWN MIND/ENERGY in a negative place, perhaps you should consider that for a while. Imagine if you instead focused all this time and effort into yourself, your life, your thoughts and actions and stopped fretting about what others do, or say, or HOW they do and say. I am saying this putting no emphasis on who Kenza is/appears to be or not be, and I am saying this to you, putting no emphasis on who you are/appears to be or not be. I am not even entirely sure why I choose to comment either, but your comment stood out and made me feel rather sad that this is still gpoing on…the need to HAVE TO TELL….the need should be greater to listen and try and understand. You take care

Marie choumil

Hi Kenza!

I am in love with the pants but I’m too short to wear them, you should think of a petite collection when the brand gets more clients from France aha!
I think this is probably the first time I am posting a comment in like… 6 years! I am a huge admirator of what you’ve built for yourself.

Now I am off from ESSEC business school in france and I’m looking for an internship as a assistant business developper in wholesale or retail departement. I’m currently filling in an application for Ivyrevel since I feel like I’ve been watching the brand grow and I understand the concept, spirit of the brand and I absolutely dress ivyrevel on a daily basis! My boyfriend is also swedish I absolutely love sweden for having studied in Linköping for 6 months in 2016. That’d seriously be my dream internship … I hope some opportunities are still available !

I’ll probably send my application in after I’m done with my thesis ( how to fidelize clints through shipping in e-commerce sector : I might have ideas for Ivy ;) )


Omg vill ha de långa exemplaret av byxorna!!!! Är 178 så dom ni säljer lär ju vara för korta för mig :(( Har alltid problem med att byxor är för korta haha


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