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I’m wearing jacket from Ivyrevel here (adlink!) and jeans from Levi’s

Hej från Palm Spings! Vi anlände här tidigare idag och nu på kvällen åt vi middag med hela Levi’s-gänget (precis som förra året så är jag här tillsammans med dem! SÅ kul). Bilderna ovan är dock från igårkväll, vår sista kväll i LA då vi checkade in på the Line och hade en välkomstmiddag med alla andra influencers etc som är här med Levi’s. :-)

Nu måste vi lägga oss och göra oss redo för Coachella dag 1 imorgon. Jag är så taggad!! Får se hur uppdateringen blir här dessa dagar då vi kommer vara iväg mycket, men ni vet att ni hittar mig på insta story som vanligt. Puss!

// Hello from Palm Springs! We arrived here earlier today and now in the evening we had dinner with the whole Levi’s team (just like last year I’m here together with them! SO much fun). These photos are from last night though, our last evening in LA when we checked into the Line and had a welcome dinner with all the other influencers etc who are also here with Levi’s. :-)

Now we have to go to bed and get ready for Coachella day 1 tomorrow. I’m so excited!! We’ll see how my update here will be these days since we will be away a lot, but you know you can find my on insta story as usual. xx



Absolutely love the way you’ve styled this jacket!

Dear Disha | A Year Abroad blog (escribo en Español también) – deardishablog.wordpress.com


Beautiful Kenza and handsome Alex – perfect couple :) I love seeing you guys together. Your outfit is hot as always! And I must say your new swimwear collection is so great I have to order something :P


so you dont even answer to comments anymore at all?? like those 10-15 ppl that still care about you and comment or check your blog can not be treated better? you dont appreactiate your readers at all. i hope soon you will loose ever single one that still bothered to click on your blog so you come back to the reality again you spoilt little brat. i guess all these ppl finally saw the real you. the lying, superficial stupid insta girl you turned into and decided to unfollow you. and btw your recent actions just proved i am so right…. with all these workouts and superficial and happy behaviour. you are so fake

Dixi Wonderland

What the fuck is your problem? Kenza is one of the few bloggers here in Sweden that actually answer to some of the comments that she gets. But right now she is at Coachella. As she wrote in the post she don´t know how much she will be able to update so how do you think she would have time to answer comments? I have been a reader since the start and Kenza usually never answer to comments when she is traveling and I think that is understandable. She sits a lot in front of the computer when she is at home so ofc she wants a small break when she is out making memories. I think we should be happy that she is updating at all. I think you should take your shitty attitude and stop reading this blog. Being mean will not take you anywhere in life.


@JJ, she still received hundreds of thousands of views on her blog if you look at her analytics. She responds when she can, but she is also allowed to live her life. Also, I notice that she is criticized no matter what. When she was grieving about her father’s desk, she was criticized. Now that she is happier, she is criticized (by you). This makes me so happy to not live my own life in the public eye because I am not sure how I would personally react to commenters like you. Kenza is an amazing person and didn’t deserve this vitriolic comment from you.

Maha houhou

YOU GOT A NEW TATTOO i know that its your last name in arabic but i dont think that youve talked about it did you


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