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Brunch at Nicolau

Det blev ju en väldigt kort vistelse i Lissabon (tors-sön) men vi hann iallafall testa på två brunchställen! Det ena hette Fauna & Flora, och det andra (som ni ser på bilderna ovan) hette Nicolau Café. Båda var bra men vi tycker att Nicolau var snäppet bättre, speciellt eftersom att man kunde sitta ute där också. :-) För mig blev det hälften pokébowl och hälften zucchinipasta med räkor (älskar när någon vill byta efter halva hehe), en acaibowl, grön juice och latte på mandelmjölk. Mmmmmmm..

Efter detta strosade vi runt på Lissabons gator bland alla färgglada hus. Fan vad fin stad!! Blev lite positivt överraskad. Shiva valde en bra stad att bo i. ;-)

// We had a very short stay in Lisbon (Thursday to Sunday) but we did have time to try out two brunch places! One of them was called Fauna & Flora, and the other one (which you can see in the photos) was Nicolau Café. Both were good but we think Nicolau was a bit better, especially since you could sit outside as well. :-) I had half a poké bowl and half courgette pasta with shrimps (I love it when a friend wants to switch plates after half hehe), an acai bowl, green juice and almond latte. Mmmmmmm..

After this we just walked around on Lisbon’s street among all the colorful houses. Damn such a pretty city!! I was surprised in a good way. Shiva chose a good city to live in. ;-)



Älskade Kenza hoppas att allt löser sig för dig. Så du kan bli glad igen. Dina ögon ser så sorgsna ut. Vill att du ska va lycklig och glad❤❤❤


I totally agree with you about the switching plates with your friends – especially if you all like the same foods! This way you can get everything you wanted to on the menu because it won’t be only up to you to finish it all and you get to try a bunch of different foods. This brunch looks fabulous! Now I really wish I was in Lisbon so I could try it out. The first pic of you is so sweet. A beautiful view, weather, food, and group of gals – what you be better?!



Dear Kenza,

I already wanted to reply to another post of you and leave some nice words but my phone sucks these days… so I leave it here! First of all you look gorgeous like always and I am happy seeing you having a good time with your close friends in Lisboa :) – thanks for always sharing your live with us! I like following your live and also your ideas since you are also often sharing your opinions with the world. I think you are very strong doing that from time to time because opinions are often so controversal and I admire you not beeing afraid sharing your mindset with us. Of course no one ever agrees all the time with everything someone else says, but to me you handle arguments very well so please don‘t stop spreading your ideas! To me you are also a grest inspiration how you handle difficult situation and problems. But what is more important to me is your health. I started liking you as a Person and somehow I sometimes worry about you – haha I know crazy since I don‘t „really“ know you – so I know you already noticed reader noticed something is going on in your life, pls don‘t ever feel pressured to explain yourself to us why you don‘t share things of your private life. I also think you also know that well yourself but I can‘t imagen how it i as beeing a public figure and I think it sometimes can be even hard to not put pressure on yourself with not sharing stuff. I honestly think sometimes it‘s better to not share everything if you have to struggle with something yourself. So pls – just as a reminder – never share something with us because of selfmade pressure and only share something intimite because you think it might help you through a tough time. But never because you think u owe us something or for justifying or explanation. Cause there is no explanation needed in case of private/ intimite topics. Keep that in mind! We readers understand :*** much love and I wish you all the luck in the world ❤️


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