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A day at Tivoli in Copenhagen! Dress from For love and Lemons

Igår åkte vi över till Köpenhamn och gick på Tivoli! Jag har aldrig varit där innan (på Tivoli alltså) så det var kul. Jag älskar ju nöjesparker och att åka saker. :-))) Men jag var där med två höjdrädda vuxna och två barn som är för korta för att åka något läskigt haha, men jag och barnen åkte iallafall allt de kunde åka och vi hade så himla roligt. Så vi åkte massa saker, åt fish n chips till lunch, åt glass och sockervadd och skrattade ihjäl åt fotot på oss tre med barnens underbara miner och mina gravitationspattar… Haha.

Nu sitter jag på tåget upp till Stockholm igen! Tråkigt att åka hem, speciellt eftersom att Aleks är bortrest (i San Fransisco) och inte kommer hem förrän på onsdag. Saknar ihjäl mig efter honom. :-(

// Yesterday we went over to Copenhagen and visited Tivoli! I’ve never been there before (at Tivoli) so that was fun. I love amusement parks and to go on rides. :-))) But I was there with two adults who are afraid of heights and two kids who are too short to go on scary rides haha, but me and the kids did all the rides they were allowed on and we had so much fun. So we did the rides, ate fish n chips for lunch, had ice-cream and candy-floss and laughed our asses off to the photo of us three with the kids wonderful faces and my gravity boobs…. Haha. 

Now I’m on the train back to Stockholm again! It sucks to go home, especially since Aleks is away (he’s in San Fransisco) and won’t be home until Wednesday. I miss him so much. :-(



This is why Ii get anoyed by influencers and some of their followers. Kenza is “naturally skinny” but she is also a common human. She pulls in her stomach, puts one leg over the other and pushes her butt and breasts out – to look even skinnier and more beautiful. There are so many influencers and ordinary people doing this on the internet. Because they want to look perfect. Have a perfect life. And when YOU as a follower comment on how “skinny and perfect” she looks that can make Kenza think that she needs to live to this look and many more followers may think that they should look like Kenza then. LET BE to comment on others looks. It only leads to more appearance fixation!


haha your boobs though holy shit :DD i love how your niece also covers her ears hahaha :DD so cute!! oh wednesday is not far away. just 2 more days without him <3 but now you see how he must feel when you are away all the time and he comes home to an empty apartment ;D


That picture was also making me crack up but it’s still really sweet because it really captured the moment I guess you could say :) I have to say, I’ve always loved going fast whether it’s on a jet ski, quad, or a ride, however, it’s the ups and downs on roller coasters that really get to me! This sounds like a lot of fun though, and boy or boy does that ice cream look decadent! I also like you combination of trainers and a cute dress. It’s actually quite perfect for a long, hot day out at an amusement park xx



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