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Ivyrevel @ Fashion Week – the afterparty at No.18

Bildbomb från vår fest i torsdags! Vi gjorde som sagt showdebut på modeveckan och det ville vi såklart med en intim fest. Vi hade festen i No.18’s fina rum (ni kanske minns att det var där jag hade min 25-årsfest och Aleks friade! älskar den lokalen lite extra haha) och förutom drinkar i massor och gratis tatueringar så dansade vi till sent på natten. Alldeles för sent för mig haha, halv tre kastade jag in handduken och drog hem. Utan tatuering denna gång, jag kom inte på vad jag ville göra så jag lät bli. Men jag ångrade mig lite, speciellt när jag såg alla fina tatueringar våra gäster gjorde.

Kul kväll iallafall! Tack alla som kom, hoppas ni hade kul. <3 För er som undrat om min glittriga kavajklänning så släpps den om 2 veckor. Skorna är från Jennie-Ellen och väskan är från Ivyrevel x Accent (ska berätta mer om vårt nya samarbete snart!). Bältet är också från oss, men kommer senare.

// Lots of photos from our party on Thursday! As you know we did runway debut at Fashion Week and we wanted to celebrate that with a private party. We had the party at No.18 (you might remember that’s where I had my 25th birthday party and Aleks proposed! I love that place a bit extra haha) and except for lots of delicious drinks and free tattoos, we also danced til late that night. Way too late for me haha, at 2.30 I was too tired so I left. Without a tattoo this time, I couldn’t come up with anything so I didn’t do one. But I kinda regret it, especially when I saw all the pretty tattoos our guests did.

Anyway it was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone who came, I hope you had fun. <3 For those who have been wondering about my sparkling blazer dress, it will be out in 2 weeks. The shoes are from Jennie-Ellen and the bag is from Ivyrevel x Accent (I will tell you more about our new collaboration soon!). The belt is also ours but it will be out later.



I always wondered why you often look so much skinnier in your own pics. is it the angle you let ppl take pics of you? or the camera/lense? in the daniel wellington pics you look normal/healthy (especially those which the other ones posted and in the videos i saw) but in this pics you look sickly skinny. your collar bones stick out and you can even see your first (and second) rib coming out. your legs seem longer and skinnier as well. just everything basically.


I always thought shes trying to make herself look curvier than she actually is though


Känns som en oseriös tatuerare som tatuerar på en fest på folk som säkerligen druckit alkohol.


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