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– In paid collaboration with Chimi –

Wearing Berry #008

Wearing Ginger #005

Wearing Tortoise #008

Sunglasses from Chimi // jeans, top & bag from Zara // jacket from Acne // necklaces from She oh she // sneakers from Balenciaga

Såhär såg jag ut i fredags när jag och Nikola gick på stan! Eller jag hade ju inte tre par olika solglasögon på mig såklart hehe, utan jag fotade för att visa er mina 3 absoluta favoriter från Chimi! De stora #008 som jag bär väldigt ofta finns nu även i Tortoise, deras nya färg/mönster som finns på alla solglasögonen i deras Core Collection. ÄLSKAR dem!! Klicka HÄR för att hitta alla mina favoriter, och missa inte deras nya Kids Collection med matchande brillor för de små. :-)

Som vanligt har jag en rabattkod till er. Koden KENZA ger er 15% rabatt på Core Collection och är giltig till 1/9. Den är även giltig i deras butik på Krukmakargatan 31!

// This is what I looked like on Friday when Nikola and I strolled around down town! Well of course I didn’t wear three pair of different shades hehe, but I took these photos to show you my 3 absolute favorites from Chimi! The big ones #008 that I wear often are now available in Tortoise too, their new color/pattern that you can find on all shades in their Core Collection. LOVE them!! Click HERE to find all my favorites, and don’t miss their new Kids Collection with matching shades for the little ones. :-)

As usual I have a discount code for you. The code KENZA gives you 15% off on the Core Collection and is valid til 1/9. It’s also valid in their store on Krukmakargatan 31!

– This post is in paid collaboration with Chimi.



Hur kommer det sig att alla bloggare har Chimi favoriter samtidigt? Känns väldigt säljigt och ovärdigt läsarna.


det är ju precis som Daniel Wellington, klockorna som alla bloggare gör reklma för samtidigt.
Antar att Chimi och Daniel Wellington endast får sina saker sålt tack vare bloggare och liknande.


Håller med! Ungefär som Daniel Wellington. Betalar snart bara för att slippa se alla samarbeten.


Will you maybe someday describe your way from punk-Kenza to one of the most popular swedish outfit designers? I was a “metal”, a part of the subculture, which wear only black outfits. I was listening Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Fear Factory. I had black hair. Eveyrthin changed in the last year of the high school. When I studied, I was normal but I hadn’t character in my outfits. All looked boring, gray and not so pretty. I think my love changed it a lot. My (now) dearest husband. I think, the most horrible thing in the black clothes was that, that I was scary, that everyone won’t like me, if I start wearing colorful clothes. That my subculture, my metal-group won’t accept me. And It was so. But in the highschool I started to look something else, not only dark minds and dark lyrics, I looked for joy, happiness. I think I’m quite pretty too. But clothes enhances the beauty. But, to the main topic – how it was by you? What is your story from being a punk to be a model and fashion designer? ;)


love the outfit. pretty simple but it always works. if you have a cool leather jacket in the closet and a good pair of denims then your outfit will always be a success i think :))
ofc the bag and the glasses rounded it up and gave the outfit the perfect touch of coolness ;)

i think it would be so cute with a matching look for nikola (maybe when he is a bit older.) just a pair of jeans, a white tee and a cute leather jacket. then you and aleks have a matching outfit with him haha


Superfina solglasögon!!
Har svårt för magväska oavsett om den går på axeln eller magen men det är ju inne nu så jag förstår att du har det ;)
Hoppas du får en fin vecka. Ny vecka med nya möjligheter. :)


My favorite shades are grey, guava, mango and peach. I will order one pair of sunglasses from Chimi one day :)


compeltely off topic and random. but how many ear-holes (is that the right english word?!) do you have? on your left side you have 4 right? since you always take pics from the left side or from the front i never saw/noticed how many you have on your other side :D

maybe you wonder why i ask but i just been so into ear-candy lately. so i always look at the jewellery in the ears on all woman lately to get some inspo and also to make my mind up if i should get more holes or not :D


Hej Kenza!!!
Hoppas du mår bra!! Älskar din blogg. Du är så fin på alla bilder!!
Jag har en fråga. Vilken storlek hade du på skinn leggingsen från sanne alexandra när du var ganska hög gravid?? Tack så mycket för svar.


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