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Jacket from Dagmar, jeans from Levi’s, sweater from Ivyrevel, boots and scarf from Zara, sunglasses from RayBan, bag from Chanel

Sånt härligt väder vi haft här i Stockholm de senaste dagarna! Kallt men soligt och det gör så mycket för humöret. Äntligen är de mörkaste dagarna förbi, man blir lite chockad när klockan är fyra och det fortfarande är ljust hehe. Underbart! Har varit ute och promenerat som saaatan med vagnen i veckan, med både Ines och Dani och deras kids. Man måste ju passa på när vädret tillåter! Och barnen älskar att sova i rullande vagnar så det är perfekt. Det negativa är att vi tar upp hela gatan med våra tre vagnar så nån hamnar alltid bakom. Det är bättre att promenera i typ Hagaparken eller Djurgården istället så alla tre får plats på rad, så man hör vad alla säger haha! Det får bli nästa gång.

Nu blir det middag (makaroner och köttbullar, vill ni ha recept kanske?! skojaaaaa), film och snacks här hemma hos oss. Puss på er och trevlig helg!

// We’ve has such amazing weather in Stockholm the last few days! Cold but sunny and that does a lot for my mood. The darkest days are finally gone, I get a bit shocked when it’s 4pm and still light outside hehe. Lovely! I’ve been out walking like heeeeell with the stroller this week, with both Ines and Dani and their kids. We have to take the chance when the weather is good! And the kids love sleeping in the stroller so that’s perfect. The negative thing is that we block the whole street with our three strollers so someone always ends up behind. It’s better to walk in a big park instead so we can walk next to each other, and so that we can hear each other haha! Next time.

Now it’s time for dinner (pasta and meatballs), movie and snacks at our place. Kisses to you, have a nice weekend!



you are such a hypocrite. talking about that the fact your body changed a tiny bit after pregnancy feels so unimportant now and shit and then do every time the same shit. you did it in october as well before going to dubai and now since you are going away to the maledives you do it again – suddenly hitting the gym hard no matter what (and for lunch you can only eat super clean like salats or omlette). i can see already that you slimed down a lot the last weeks. that all so you can post bikini pics in a perfectly slim and fit body on instagram…at least be honest about it even if that would mean some backlash and not pretend that you are over the whole bodyimage thing.

Kenza Z

Kenzas answer: And as usual you have no idea what you are talking about. I’m eating and working out the way I ALWAYS have. Just because I didn’t post my hamburger and fries, ice creams, chips, candy and all the other “non-clean” stuff I ate this weekend doesn’t mean I didn’t eat it. Seriously, your obsession with my body is out of control. I have no idea what issues you have with yourself, eating disorders or whatever, but you need to stop for your own good.


När åker ni till Maldiverna? 😍 Kan du inte lägga ut bild från Dagens instagram outfits med? 😙


Love this look! You are such a beautiful woman, sometimes I can’t takie it!!! And my role model! Could you please write the exact name/model of your sunglasses and size? Much appreciated! Have a great day and greetings from Poland :)


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