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Dress from Zara // shoes from Henry Kole // bag from Chanel // sunglasses from Karen Walker // earnings from Ivyrevel

Gårdagens look från ett soligt Stockholm! Här i Italien smälter vi bort haha, helt sjukt vad varmt det är. Nu kyler vi ner oss på rummet efter en trevlig lunch, ska snart ta en dusch och göra mig i ordning för kvällen! :-)

Häng med på Insta-story vetja?! Ska försöka vara lite aktiv där ikväll.

// Yesterday’s look from a sunny Stockholm! Here in Italy we are melting away haha, it’s crazy how hot it is. Now we’re cooling down at our hotel room after a nice lunch. I’m gonna take a shower soon and get ready for the evening! :-)

Why don’t you join me on Insta story?! I’m gonna try to be active there tonight.



Dear Kenza i love your blog since 2009 and you are the only blog that i follow. You are my rolemodel. I love everything about you. You are so classy and always dressed elegant just like i wanna be in the future. I thank you for your post when i see what you always have to do every day this gives me motivation for doing my stuff :) i have a very important question which is your favorite camera ? These photos from Budva are really beautiful. I ask you this question because i wanna start my on blog and i feel very insecure about myself even when other people say i am beautiful i dont see it. Sometimes i think its because i have so ugly pictures because in real life i like me, but on the pictures i look always ugly. Thats why i hope when i have a good camera that i will like my pictures and can start my on blog. It would be so fantastic if you tell me which camera is your favorite. All love and never change you, you are awesome. And have a nice weeding :)

Emilia M Erlandsson

Åh, så härlig klänning!


I really want this dress from Zara and I’m trying to find it on Zara’s site. Does anyone have the link?

Greetings from NYC <3


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