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ADLINKS in collaboration with NELLY: Inflatable flamingo HERE // Polo Ralph Lauren bag HERE // embellished sandals HERE // bikini HERE // Marc Jacobs bracelet HERE // Le Specs sunglasses HERE // beach kimono HERE

Sitter och klickar hem lite nytt inför Grekland i juli! Är väldigt sugen på sakerna ovan. Vi har pool vid villan så en uppblåsbar luftmadrass är ju ett måste haha! Speciellt när de är sådär söta. Har även en i form av en vattenmelonskiva hemma, den ska också med. Jag tycker det är så jobbigt att ligga på en solstol och svettas, föredrar att ligga på en madrass i vattnet och kunna rulla i när jag vill. ;-)

// I’m ordering some new stuff for Greece in July! I’m craving for the stuff above. We have a pool at the villa so an inflatable flamingo is a must haha! I also have one shaped as a watermelon at home, I’m gonna bring that one too. I hate sweating on a sunbed, I prefer being on a mattress in the water so that I can roll in whenever I want. ;-)



Summer plans:

Except for work I’ve got a couple of trips coming up! In July I will go to Båstad for a couple of days with my friends, we’re gonna hang out at the Summer on festival and party hard. ;-) When I get back, my sister and her kids will come to Stockholm for a couple of days! Hopefully the weather will be nice so that we can go to the beach. Later in July it’s time for our friend’s wedding in Greece. We will stay for a week in a villa with our friends. In August Aleks and I will actually go to Rio together with Adidas for the Olympics! We’ve always wanted to go to Brazil so I’m super excited. And it’s gonna be really cool to watch the games. I might also go back to New York in August as well but it’s not decided yet. Anyway, I will end summer in Croatia together with my three best friends! <3

Favorite summer drink:

Hmm well I love all drinks in the summer haha, but strawberry daiquiri really brings back some fun memories from my first summer trips abroad with my friends.

Most fun summer memory:

I have so many beautiful memories, but one that really warms my heart and that I think about a lot is those summers we spent at Åland with my grandparents when we were kids. I don’t remember much more than playing outside the cabins and the happiness (and the huge icecreams grandma always bought me haha). I don’t know why but those memories give me so much….comfort.

Favorite BBQ food:

I’m a very simple person when it comes to that, give me a KORV MED BRÖD (sausage in bread) with ketchup, mustard, cucumber mayo and top it with toasted onion and I’m happy haha.

My dream summer destination:

Greece or Italy, they’re both so beautiful and the food is amazing. As you know I also love going to Barcelona, and Ibiza!

Favorite summer place:

Our friend’s country house that we always go to every summer. I love going there so much because it’s so quiet and simple. There’s no water in the house, barely no phone reception which means no internet at all, and all we do there is reading books, going out on walks with Mani and eating simple food like meatballs with macaroni. I just love it there! We dream about getting our own cabin out there one day..

What I listen to this summer:

Well the songs that will definitely remind me of this summer is: One Dance, Panda and Can’t stop the feeling, maybe because they play them EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. Feel free to share your fav albums at the moment! I need some new music to listen to.

Favorite summer scent:

The scent after it’s been raining is just SUMMER to me. And it’s also my favorite because rain means less pollen haha.

I’m really looking forward to:

I’m really really looking forward to finishing the renovation of our new apartment, because that feels pretty far away right now. We’ve bumped into a couple of issues so we probably won’t be done until September… Other than that I also look forward to our trip to Croatia! I’ve always wanted to go there, and I’m so glad all four of us (me, Mika, Nadia and Dilay) are finally going on a trip together again!! It’s been waaay to long.

Three things I love the most about summer:

Well as a Swede there’s no surprise that I mostly love the higher temperature, it just makes everything a bit easier and more fun. Like all the get together’s in the parc, the open air festivals & parties, going to the beach and having picnics. The second best thing is definitely the light! Here the sun sets after 10 pm and it rises at 3 am. Which is amazinggggg, but that also means really dark winters.. Ok let’s enjoy it while it lasts haha. And the third…. Well it has to be that it’s totally acceptable to be lazy as hell during the summer haha.

A little summer tag! Hope you liked it. :*


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Idag var vi som sagt på kalas! Barnen lekte i poolen och skvätte ner mig som låg och solade (klagar dock inte, det var bara skönt och välbehövligt för det var över 30 grader i solen) och så bjöds det på god mat. Efteråt köpte jag och Aleks glass och tog en promenad med Mani!

Vi kom precis hem nu, ska ta en dusch och sedan ska vi kolla på Kroatien – Portugal. Är så ledsen över att Sverige är ute (är ännu mer ledsen över Zlatan…) men jag hejar nu på Island som alla andra svenskar. ;-) Tycker det är så jäkla kul att ett land med så få invånare har tagit sig så långt. Någon berättade för mig att 10% (!) av hela deras befolkning är i Frankrike för EM haha! Hejja Island! Jag undrar om jag har läsare där?

// Like I said we were at a birthday party today! The kids played in the pool and I was tanning next to it so they got me all wet (I didn’t complain though, it was nice and I needed it cause it was more than 30 degrees in the sun) and then we also ate good food. Afterwards Aleks and I bought icecream and took a walk with Mani!

We just got home, I’m gonna take a shower now and then watch Croatia – Portugal. I’m so sad that Sweden are out (I’m even more sad about Zlatan…) but now I’m cheering for Iceland like all the other Swedes. ;-) I think it’s so much fun that a country with so few inhabitants has gotten so far. Someone told me that 10% (!) of their population are in France for championship haha! Go Iceland! I wonder if I’ve got readers there?


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Photos from our Midsummer yesterday! ♥

Igår var det dags för en av mina favoritdagar på året: Midsommarafton! Även om vädret inte var det bästa (det var iallafall varmt och uppehåll!) så bestämde vi oss för att köra på vårt traditionella knytkalas på berget hela gänget. Aleks och hans vänner startade traditionen för många år sedan, och när jag kom in i bilden så drog jag med mina vänner och sedan dess har vi firat där nästan varje år allihopa. Så himla simpelt och mysigt! :-) Det finns inget bättre än att bara sitta ett gäng vänner och snacka, äta mat och lyssna på musik. Vi fick även lite kvällssol, och på natten sprang några ner och badade men jag kände mig lite frusen så jag satt vid elden. Gissa om jag luktar rök idag, fast jag har duschat haha. Solen gick knappt ner inatt och det var helt ljust ute när vi promenerade hem vid 3 imorse. Underbara svenska sommar!

Nu ska vi iväg på kalas. Jag minns när Miranda (Aleks yngsta brorsdotter) var en nykläckt liten bebis uppe på detta berg, och idag fyller stora tjejen 6. Åren går så fort!

// Yesterday it was time for one of my favorite days of the year – the Swedish Midsummer’s Eve! Even though the weather wasn’t the best (at least it was warm and no rain!) we decided to go for our traditional picnic by the lake. Aleks and his friends started this tradition many years ago, and when we met I brought my friends with me and since that all of us have been celebrating there almost every year. It’s so simple and cozy! :-) There’s nothing better than just sit and talk with your friends, eat food and listen to music. We also got some evening sun, and in the night some of us went down for a swim but I felt a bit cold so I sat by the fire. I smell so much smoke today, even though I’ve showered haha. The sun barely set last night so it was all light outside when we walked home at 3 am. Swedish summer is amazing!

Now we’re gonna go to a birthday party. I remember when Miranda (Aleks youngest niece) was a newborn little baby up in these rocks, and today this big girl is turning 6. The years are passing by so fast!